My NYSC camp experience(Episode1)

I know this post should have come up here since Oct 2018, I don’t even know what held me back then to write about my experience. Well better late than never (I might not recollect how it all went but I’d still try to put some this together)

I camped in a village called Nonwa Gbam Tai in Rivers State, camp opened on the 23rd of October 2018 which was the same day with my school convocation (but nysc had given us the opportunity to get to the camp latest 27th of October) I left for rivers state on the 25th cos I’d like to get a good bed space, nice kits and all.

The journey from Kwara down to Rivers State was adventurous cos I had the opportunity to pass through states I’d never dreamt of knowing how it looks like, tiring cos the journey was too long and I’d sleep and wake up severally. But it was still fun cos the passengers were all Corpers to be, and musics were on, with Lotta gisting from different angles, we stopped twice to eat and refreshed our body . With AC on I’d tucked my earpiece in my ear, listen to music, sleep, wake up and realized we are still on the journey. Met a friend in the bus Blessing Abu (a bayelsa corper) we got along well and gisted all through read MEET ABU BLESSING on the woman in focus.

Finally I got to the camp at about 9.30 pm, and struggling with my bag, I went to meet the NYSC officials, I was attended to and off I went to my hall and realised I was given the upper part of the bunk bed (jeezzz I’d prefer the lower part but being a latecomer, what can I do??)

Okay, tireddddd all I wanna do was bath and sleep cos of the long journey, was about to go out to fetch water when I heard switch off that light….. Everybody sleep……… (eh I wanted to cry) I just pretended to be sleeping, when the solders left, I stood up, begged for water and had my bath. That night I thought to myself, how would I survived in this place for three weeks, I dozed off.

The first week was a struggle, they’d blow the trumpet as early as 5am and the soldiers would blow their whistles At us and scream just for us to go out, was on my registration for two days, it was tiring cos I’d go from one office to the other so as to sort out my registration, finally got my oversized kit.

Some mornings I’d rush out and wear my socks on the parade Ground, some day no makeups on, the soldiers kept on shouting double up…… Double up….. every morning, I’d run if I don’t want Embarrassment From any of the soldiers.

I was in platoon 5, and we have Lotta types of people, the trouble makers, the bossy ones, the Shakara people, the funny ones and the list goes on, got bored every morning cos there was no friends to move with or I’d rather say I haven’t found the perfect squads yet, so I’d stand alone observing, maybe I’d find nice friends to roll with.

Shall we continue the next episode in my next post

Thank you for reading.

My photoshoot bloopers

I just felt I should put up something amusing for you guys today.

As a blogger, (fashion blogger) I spend more time on taking shoots for the blog and of course I love your compliments on all my pictures , wow you look good, I love your outfit and the list goes on😍😍😍

But wait, little did you know I have to take over 50 pictures before I could get 5 nice shots that will make it to the blog and other social platforms.So today I will be sharing few of my photo sessions bloopers with you…….

Take a cup of coffee☕☕☕, sip and enjoy…..

I feel like I have headache

I don’t even understand what I am trying to do here

Father lord help, my ankle hurt so bad 😁😁

Come to my aid, which kinda pose is this???

That fetish look like I wanna harm someone.


Me telling the photographer, “what are you snapping sef”

Am not understanding 😁😁

That will be all, I hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time

Keep being beautiful

How to be a fashionista without going broke |Modest style outfit.

Hello Fashionistas!

Currently Listening to Send me away by Nasty c ft rowlene.🎶🎶🎶So let’s quickly delve into what I have for you today.

Having a fashion A game is what comes on the mind of every lady.. You have eyes for pretty things ( not just pretty but expensive) you want to step up your fashion game, but there are Lotta challenges, looking at your spending limit.

You are craving to buy colourful pretty clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and anything about fashion at all.Considering that you have already budgeted your bills, (rents, utilities, students levy etc) not to even mention unforeseen expenses, but you wanna slay so hard.

What you need to do

– Set up a savings account and have a certain amount that will be withdrawn everytime you check drop your main account .- Have a wish list, stay away from items that aren’t on your wish list, only buy what is on your wish list.

– You need to know the items you will be saving for, know how to map out your biggest purchase without breaking a bank.- Do not buy items, you won’t rock again, we all make this mistakes where we buy clothes, wear it once and keep it inside our closets ( some of those clothes begs just to see the light of the day😀😀) buy clothes you will be able to rock again and again.

-Patience!!!don’t be in a hurry to go get items which you won’t even like at the long run, split your wish list into two, buy the first half and give it time before you buy the other half. Reason is sometime you don’t just get the desired things you need, at the end of the day, you regret buying those stuffs and Wasting lots of money. Buying your stuffs twice will save your money and you will be able to get finer items.

– Go easy on Expensive purchase, if you feel your money would drain off, go thrifts ( you get to buy stuffs that are nice and affordable )

– Focus on your target, don’t get caught up with what you see on social platforms(IG) read why you don’t have to lose focus all for the gram do not run after expensive trend, Tk wears designer bags and shoes, I want to wear the same will only make you run back to your own life.

Before you rush into it, ask yourself can I afford it? Do I need it? Does it match my lifestyle? What will happen to my savings?This is not about depriving yourself, this is about saving yourself from unnecessary anxiety that comes with debt later.

– So, build a minimalistic wardrobe, that is get the essential things you need as a lady

.- Having a good friend around you isn’t a bad idea, friends who will be able to caution you , they help you snap out to reality, gets you out of your malicious circle and not join you to do the same.

-Do not compare, as they say comparison is the thief of joy, stop comparing yourself to other people’s possession.

So let’s talk about my outfit,still in the spirit of Sallah, I decided to rock a modest style inspo and I loved it.

Outfit deets

Blouse – thriftsbythediadem

Palazzo-thrifts store

Shoes-U and I collections (ilorin store)

Bags -thriftsbythediadem

Scarf – thriftsbythediadem

-Remember “a girl who is determined and calm must be able to manage a successful life

Be the ultimate clutter free slayer. That will be all on today’s blog post

Did you enjoy reading this post? How can you be a fashionista without going broke? Share your reviews with me in the comment section.

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The path

Hello thediadem’s fam

This is apparently my first try on writing a poem

I hope you will enjoy it

The path I cross I do not know

Though it seem far and I get discouraged

I feel so tired and get so weary

I am never looking back

Though their might be stones and thorns on my way

Their might be distraction and I do not want to continue my journey

My watchword still rings bell in my ear

Telling me to move on

Telling me to strive on

Telling me to push on

Telling me to be courageous

Telling me that i am strong

Telling me I can

Telling me I am bold

Telling me my God watches over me

Telling me he follows me every step of the way

Telling me my God Reign still.

Do you love this little poem of mine? Would you like me to write more poems?

Pls share your thoughts with me in the comment section

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