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In my previous post, I made a quick explanation on what an avant garde is.

AVANT-GARDE is a new and experimental ideas and method in art, music and fashion.

* Being an avant-garde makes you want to defy convention, yes in the sense that you propose a new and different ways of doing things whether in dance, art, fashion, and lifestyle.

(Now you should know that Avant garde means progress..)

What makes you an avant garde is the ability to transcend the boundary of convention, it makes you take risks and move forward.

And yes being an avant garde means rejecting the common mentality and nurturing originality ( yes been original)

– This helps to shape the future as we all know that innovation is the key to success.

-you have to be on the edge, thinking forward and exploring new possibilities.

– what makes you an avant garde is the possibility in you,


I have here on the blog today, a blogger @lawlarh and thoughts

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Hello fashionistas!!!

I welcome you all again to my little space on here where you get to read amazing posts.

Before we go into what today’s post is all about, I should define who a lady is?

According to English dictionary; A Lady is a woman of breeding or higher class and also a woman of authority, a Lady can also be referred to as a WOMAN.

Ancient means existing or occuring in time of long past usually in remote age associated with something old


* Being a Lady is like been more of an attitude

* You can tell a lady by the way she dresses, so you dress like you care; putting care into ur appearance.

* A lady extends her hands to those in need, she manages her priorities and time well.

* I have learnt that to be a lady, your mood should never influence your manners, no matter how bad your day was, never take it out on those around you.

* Eating with your mouth closed is very important especially when you are around others, don’t try to be messy while eating.

* A lady should know how to answer rude questions without insulting someone.

*A lady should be gracious, well spoken and a good listener.

A Lady should understand that her beauty doesn’t come from an overpriced makeup, she accepts herself regardless of what the society thinks.

Being an ancient lady comes with more than the basic idea of a lady.

A lady has to be strong , confident, and not afraid to show emotions because no good things comes easy.

The easiest thing to do is slay the part.

I bring to u the new fashion trend for 2019 ( animal prints)

I mean who won’t love to rock something challenging and cool as that.

See for yourself

outfit details

Gown- had it in my closet for a very long time

Leopard skin kimono – thrifted

Shoes- got it from a store in ilorin city.

Bag – thrifted

What are your thoughts of being an ancient lady?

Did you like this outfit on me?

Would you like to rock an animal prints outfit soon?

Your comments and reviews are much appreciated, as I will be here to reply all messages…

Aramide (thediadem)

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Hey fashionistas!

In 2018, I discovered that maxi outfits trended and they were all over the place, you could see it on every fashion pages, on every style posts and the way it’s been slayed beautifully amuse me a lot.

I’m sure we could all conclude that the maxi outfit was a hit that trended last year.

Talking about comfy, that’s how I felt when I decided to sew this nstyle

The maxi outfit is a very in vogue versatile style which can be infused into so many pieces by getting the right fabric.

This is one of the numerous ways I rocked mine and I will be reslaying this outfit in my next post.

Don’t limit yourself to this alone, try something different…

Be creative


Ankara outfit tailored by ammyfashionhouse

Wig by hair essence

Heels by u and I collections

Would you like to rock this style anytime soon ? What’s your review on this style?

Thanks for reading….

Love and light 😗😗😗



It’s the QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY and am excited and greatful for yet another wonderful beginning.

Grooving on this oldie song sumbulala By Brenda fassie♫♫ so I decided to put up a style post on the blog today.

Big shorts are so flattering on everyone, it doesn’t matter if you are a size 10 or size 20, it would still make you look stunning no doubt.

So let’s see what I have to show you ➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿

The first thing I did

I choose a white shirt , though I have few shirts so it wasn’t so hard selecting a colour I want since white is one of my favourite colour.


I went with a pair of mom jean for less than $3 which is about one thousand five hundred naira.


Got the right accessories, my wristwatch along with my pair of sunshade and my black hat plus my bag added a sweet flavour to my outfit.


Shirt- from ammyfashionhouse

Mom jean- thrifted

Hat- Thrifted

shoes – from U and I collections

Bags – Thrifted

Rocking my outfit with a nice heels accentuate my style.

And my hair plus makeup went topnotch and yayyyyy I am so good to go, i remembered to give a subtle smile making me more gorgeous.

A LITTLE TIP yes plssss

– So if You are afraid that a big shirt wouldn’t fit you, just roll up the sleeves, you just gonno love it cos it helps to make the outfit fit and flatter the more.

– If the shirt is baggy, match it with something tight, like a fitted jean ( you might not go for a mom jean )

I hope you love this look, I Mean it’s simple and you can sure find something similar in your closets.

Kindly drop a comment and let me know your thoughts on this article, did you like this style on me? Would you like to rock it anytime soon?

Love and Light……………….