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I’m excited for my first travel blog post and secondly I’m super excited I finally get to write about my trip to ayikunugba water fall in osun state.I have always thought of exploring a tourist center but finally had the chance to do that when I had a visit to my hometown in osun state (ila orangun).I’ve always heard about the ayikunugba water fall and wanted to just know what it looks like.

Historical research of ayikunugba water fall

Oke ila orangun is an ancient city in the south western part of nigeria, and it is a town situated in osun state, oke ila is the capital city of ifedayo local government.Ayikunugba water fall is a 70 feet from the top and has 244 staircase which can be climbed from the top down to where the water fall is located. according to research the source of the fall is at the top of the rock which spreads round the area.Before one can get to the base of the fall, one has to climb 244 staircase and do the same while climbing up. the stair case was erected by the former governor of osun state, his excellency governor oyinlola and this was erected just to make the movement up and down easier.

The journey

It’s a journey to oke ila in ifedayo local government of osun state and the only way to get across to the water fall is through a bushy path which is scarcely motorable. I went with my family to view the beauty nature of ayikunugba water fall.

The journey began

We had music on in the car and I was super excited about the trip and mostly because I will be having the chance to explore the ayikunugba water fall. But the bad road wasn’t encouraging at all because according to research most of the vehicles could not pass through the bushy bumpy paths, some had to go back in dissapointment and put the blames on the state government for neglecting such a beautiful nature..

From ila orangun ( my hometown) to oke ila orangun took us about 40 minutes, we got to the thick bushy forest where we could feel the oozing cold breeze blewing all over, then I Knew we are so close to the fall.

The adventure

We started by climbing the stairs of 244 which was a little bit easier because we were going down. Despite the staircase only a determined and strong mind can be able to go down and come up, the movement was difficult as I panted severally on my way down.

We finally got down reciting psalm 23 cos it was tiring, little did I know that coming back up would be tedious and strenuous(I almost slump)And yayyyyy the nature is a beauty to behold, the cold warmth atmosphere gave me this peaceful feeling.


I made sure I took pictures of me and the amazing shots of the beautiful ayikunugba(I was damn scared while taking these pictures…. but it’s all about courage)

Myths about the ayikunugba water fall

It was written down in the historical book of oke ila that the ayikunugba water fall was discovered by a hunter which name was called adeogun, adeogun the hunter was on his way to hunt for animals, he shot an animal which in turn was rolling down and fell into the valley where the water fall was been emptied, the search for the animal in turn led to a new discovery and he named the place” ayikunugba ” . The hunter’s statue was placed at the entrance of the path that leads to the ayikunugba water fall.

Another mysterious myth about the waterfall is that there is a cave at the top of the waterfall in which it has over 1000 rooms and could be dangerous if one enters because such person might not return and find himself in another world.

Tips on exploring the ayikunugba water fall

-Make sure to go with friends as it would be more fun and interesting and incase if there is any emergency, you won’t be helpless

.- Go with refreshment, especially water you will need that alot.-keep an open mind, this is important when it comes to having fun… it’s an adventure, and adventure is always fun

.-if you want to take pictures without any distraction, just go with few people.

Pictures from the ayikunugba water fall

Was climbing the stairs back up (tired )

The end….

The ayikunugba water fall


Did u enjoy reading about me exploring the ayikunugba water fall ? Would you love to go there?have you ever been there? What was your experience like?Please share by leaving a comment below…

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