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Still in the spirit of Christmas and here is me wishing you a happy boxing day.

Let’s get into business, today we will be having our second food blog post, and I want to give u some great amazing tips about cooking taboos and fallacies which might be useful for you.

These tips are my findings from books and adults in my neighborhood.


* Eating of snail during pregnancy will make the baby when delivered to be slow


*Getting vitamin from food sources are better than synthetic sources.

Either source has its own benefits, the later can also be named supplements which aid or speed up the reaction or its action in the other.

*Eating of animal bone after consuming the flesh (meat) makes the bone to be weak.

Vitamin D or calceferol is present in bone, when consumed, will help boost the vitamin D content of the body, bringing about strong boned and preventing conditions like osteoporosis.

* Exposing the body to early morning sunlight can cause malaria or a signal that the person has malaria.

Early morning sunlight is good for he body because it contains vitamin D.

Cooking fallacies and taboo

*when cooking bitter yam; cook with nail so as to speed the cooking rate.

* To cook Moin- Moin faster top sand from walkway will be packed inside nylon and placed on top of the pot.

*ugwu seed when cooking should not be covered so as to avoid it getting bitter.

*when cooking jollof rice on large scale and seem uncooked, wrap salt inside leave and throw into the burning fire.

* when a food is salty and you want to reduce the salt before anyone knows, put knife on top of the cooking pot.

Well all of these fallacies and taboos might be true but dwelling on them will prevent us from having the required nutrients in our body.

This is all the juice you will be getting from me today…

Did you enjoy reading this post? Have u tried any of those taboos Before? would you like to try it anytime soon? Your comment are highly appreciated as I will be here to reply back.

Here is me wishing you a happy new year in advance……