Days without blogging

Let me start by dusting the cobwebs on my blog, it’s been a while on here.

Weeks goes by and without warning I realize that I have gone several days without posting, I have not created scheduled posts, have not checked or replied to any of my notifications, Because Somethings Demanded My time, I cannot blog, I don’t have the time, and so I go another day without posting, commenting, liking, or replying.

If this has happened to you, don’t lose hope or feel that your blog is now destined to fail. I believe that every blogger has experienced something similar to the above scenario. why it took me so much longer than normal to reply to your comments. let me apologize for not been online for so long, As some of you already checked up on me to know how I was fairing ( that I appreciate so much).

Thankfully, I did not remain too long offline. However, I am back and I plan to be more on top of my work. ( blogging, business, family and personal affairs) Now let me offer you some free blogging advice for what to do when you miss blogging for too long …

Relax! breathe it out, you do feel like you have let down Lotta people, especially your own followers.( your followers are your friends and they’d understand that life won’t be all we want it to. Don’t give pup! I owe it to myself to jump back online and give it My BEST.

UNtil NexT Time… Remain Awesome

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