Do you believe|tee for work slay

“Do you believe there are amazing and wonderful beings you have never met”

” Do you believe you are destined for greatness “

“Do you believe you can do it, if only you try harder “

“Do you believe the best thing in life is being free from all worries and trouble “

“Do you believe that no matter the circumstances, there is always an Escape route “

“Do you believe no matter how long your journey seem, you will surely get there”

“Do you believe you can and you will”

” Do you believe day by day, you are a step closer to your success “

“Do you believe you can turn those can’t into can”

“Do you believe the GOD who crew you hasn’t forgotten you”

I hope you believe and have faith….

Faith of course can move mountains…

Meanwhile I decided to rock a tee to work with a black straight skirt, yeah I love how comfy and smart it looked on me.

Would you rock a tee to the office? How would you love to style yours?

Do leave a comment below…. Until next time….


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