The 10 Wardrobe essentials every lady needs

Hello Fashionistas!!!

I am glad to be back here after my last post, Ladies get in here😍😍😍 As a lady, there are numerous fashion pieces we need, right from hair, makeups, clothes, shoes, bags, belts,sunnies and other accessories we need, to look good and be in style.

Wardrobe pieces never goes out of style,depending on ur choice,

Without wasting time, here are the list of wardrobe essentials you need as a lady.

A little black dress

having a black dress is essential, when wearing a black dress, go for a silhouette and a minimal accessories.

White shirt

white shirt are to go, especially when you want to make statement, you can rock yours with a pleated skirt , a plaid trouser or what have you, own yourself a white shirt.


blazers are important especially for a working woman, rocking either a shirt or tee underneath will make u feel like a boss.

Knit sweater

knit sweater especially in the summer season are there to help you in the cold season, knit sweater goes with anything in your closet, you cab rock it with a leggings, Jean, skirt or what have you. Knit sweater are in different colours so it won’t be difficult for you to style.


Jean are versatile,, they help in accentuating your curves, and flatter your legs, they last long and fit any formal or casual look.

A black pant

Every lady needs a black pant,because they go with anything.

Waist belt

Waist belt add interest and detail to an outfit.


Sunglasses is one accessory that boost your style and it’s a must for every fashionistas to own one,


Tote bag

So that’s it ladies, this wardrobe staples are important and its certain you gonno make statement.

Share with me other wardrobe essentials you feel you need as a lady?

Until next time.

Keep being Beautiful

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