The path

Hello thediadem’s fam

This is apparently my first try on writing a poem

I hope you will enjoy it

The path I cross I do not know

Though it seem far and I get discouraged

I feel so tired and get so weary

I am never looking back

Though their might be stones and thorns on my way

Their might be distraction and I do not want to continue my journey

My watchword still rings bell in my ear

Telling me to move on

Telling me to strive on

Telling me to push on

Telling me to be courageous

Telling me that i am strong

Telling me I can

Telling me I am bold

Telling me my God watches over me

Telling me he follows me every step of the way

Telling me my God Reign still.

Do you love this little poem of mine? Would you like me to write more poems?

Pls share your thoughts with me in the comment section

Until next time

Keep being beautiful

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