How to be a fashionista without going broke |Modest style outfit.

Hello Fashionistas!

Currently Listening to Send me away by Nasty c ft rowlene.🎶🎶🎶So let’s quickly delve into what I have for you today.

Having a fashion A game is what comes on the mind of every lady.. You have eyes for pretty things ( not just pretty but expensive) you want to step up your fashion game, but there are Lotta challenges, looking at your spending limit.

You are craving to buy colourful pretty clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and anything about fashion at all.Considering that you have already budgeted your bills, (rents, utilities, students levy etc) not to even mention unforeseen expenses, but you wanna slay so hard.

What you need to do

– Set up a savings account and have a certain amount that will be withdrawn everytime you check drop your main account .- Have a wish list, stay away from items that aren’t on your wish list, only buy what is on your wish list.

– You need to know the items you will be saving for, know how to map out your biggest purchase without breaking a bank.- Do not buy items, you won’t rock again, we all make this mistakes where we buy clothes, wear it once and keep it inside our closets ( some of those clothes begs just to see the light of the day😀😀) buy clothes you will be able to rock again and again.

-Patience!!!don’t be in a hurry to go get items which you won’t even like at the long run, split your wish list into two, buy the first half and give it time before you buy the other half. Reason is sometime you don’t just get the desired things you need, at the end of the day, you regret buying those stuffs and Wasting lots of money. Buying your stuffs twice will save your money and you will be able to get finer items.

– Go easy on Expensive purchase, if you feel your money would drain off, go thrifts ( you get to buy stuffs that are nice and affordable )

– Focus on your target, don’t get caught up with what you see on social platforms(IG) read why you don’t have to lose focus all for the gram do not run after expensive trend, Tk wears designer bags and shoes, I want to wear the same will only make you run back to your own life.

Before you rush into it, ask yourself can I afford it? Do I need it? Does it match my lifestyle? What will happen to my savings?This is not about depriving yourself, this is about saving yourself from unnecessary anxiety that comes with debt later.

– So, build a minimalistic wardrobe, that is get the essential things you need as a lady

.- Having a good friend around you isn’t a bad idea, friends who will be able to caution you , they help you snap out to reality, gets you out of your malicious circle and not join you to do the same.

-Do not compare, as they say comparison is the thief of joy, stop comparing yourself to other people’s possession.

So let’s talk about my outfit,still in the spirit of Sallah, I decided to rock a modest style inspo and I loved it.

Outfit deets

Blouse – thriftsbythediadem

Palazzo-thrifts store

Shoes-U and I collections (ilorin store)

Bags -thriftsbythediadem

Scarf – thriftsbythediadem

-Remember “a girl who is determined and calm must be able to manage a successful life

Be the ultimate clutter free slayer. That will be all on today’s blog post

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Keep being beautiful .

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