My photoshoot bloopers

I just felt I should put up something amusing for you guys today.

As a blogger, (fashion blogger) I spend more time on taking shoots for the blog and of course I love your compliments on all my pictures , wow you look good, I love your outfit and the list goes on😍😍😍

But wait, little did you know I have to take over 50 pictures before I could get 5 nice shots that will make it to the blog and other social platforms.So today I will be sharing few of my photo sessions bloopers with you…….

Take a cup of coffee☕☕☕, sip and enjoy…..

I feel like I have headache

I don’t even understand what I am trying to do here

Father lord help, my ankle hurt so bad 😁😁

Come to my aid, which kinda pose is this???

That fetish look like I wanna harm someone.


Me telling the photographer, “what are you snapping sef”

Am not understanding 😁😁

That will be all, I hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time

Keep being beautiful

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