Days without blogging

couple days go by and without warning you realize that you have gone several days without posting, you have not created scheduled posts, you have not checked or replied to any of your WordPress notifications, in short, you have abandoned your blog. You want to race to your computer, but the unforeseeable distractions that first kept you from your blog are still there, still demanding your time, you cannot blog, you don’t have the time, and so you go another day without posting, commenting, liking, or replying.

If this has happened to you, don’t lose hope or feel that your blog is now destined to fail. I believe that every blogger has experienced something similar to the above scenario. I know I did this past week.

For anyone who has noticed by absence (I apologize if that sounds arrogant), you may have wondered why I missed two posts last week and why it took me so much longer than normal to reply to your comments.

First, let me apologize for not responding.

I believe that blogging manners require reciprocal communication and as such, my manners slipped.

Second, let me explain.

As some of you may know from the blog post before this one, “Invisible Illness,” April is IBS awareness month. This is ironic as I had a flare-up last week that landed me in the hospital. Thankfully, I did not remain long and within a  couple of days I was feeling back to myself. However, due to what I missed on my bad days, I spent the next several days playing catch-up. Without my pre-scheduled posts to float me through, as a result, my blog became neglected. However, I am back and I plan to be more on top of my work. Thank you for your understanding.

Third, let me offer you some free blogging advice for what to do when you miss a day . . . or two . . .

First, breathe, it is not the end of the world. Yes, it does kind of suck, and yes, you do feel like you have let down your followers, but odds are, they do not feel the same way. In my experience, my followers (my friends) are always understanding and, most likely, yours will be too.Second, get back on the horse. Don’t give up! It may seem like you’ve neglected your blog for too long and you should just let it die a silent death. If you enjoy blogging, in any way, shape, or form, you owe it to yourself to jump back online and give it another go.Third, work harder on creating and maintaining scheduled posts. These scheduled posts have been a life-saver for me in the past and when I miss a day or two, I am reminded how important they are for me when I am simply overwhelmed by life.Fourth, take advantage of whatever time you can get to blog. This advice is why I am currently sitting in a hallway of my college, laptop sitting on my knees and plugged into the wall, desperately trying to get in some blogging time before I need to go and teach. Do the best with what time you have

The Diadem’s blogvesary|Lola and vogue.

Good morning amazing people…

Still in the celebration mood of my blogvesary and of cos I promised to post on here an interview segments with amiable bloggers here in nigeria.

So who do we have today on the blog….. the Beautiful Ajayi Oluwafunmilayo of “Lola and vogues”

Without wasting much time, shall we hand over the platform to funmi.

Q. How would you describe yourself?

I would say I am a free spirited person, creative , ambitious and daring.

Q. Tell us about your blog bussiness ( your niche and what it represents)

A. I run a fashion styling blog. I mainly blog about various things relating to fashion and soon I’ll be venturing into lifestyle.

Q. How old is your blog?

A. My blog will be a year in May.

Q. How did you get to know thediadem?

A. I basically found the diadem on Instagram. Loved her page and followed.

Q. Can you tell us when your blog turned one year and how it felt ?

A. My blog is not a year yet. However when it does become a year, I’m sure I will feel elated as it’s my little baby and seeing it become a year old would mean so much to me.

Q. How is the blog going now?

A.Well i previously took a long break to concentrate on uni. So it lacked content for so long. But now I am back and better lool! I know those words have been over flogged but I am putting in the work and I feel great about it.

Q. Share with us the highs and lows of blogging?

Trust me when you first start you will be in such high spirits! Then if you don’t stay consistent, blogging will become a drag. Speaking for myself that’s what happened, I took a long break and almost never went back to it . Writers block also dealt me a hard blow. Nevertheless , I learnt that you ALWAYS have to plan ahead and dish out meaningful and impactful content. There are also times when you feel like your blog is not getting as much attention as it should. But when you speak to a few people, you would realise you’re wrong! Keep doing and going , you don’t know whose watching! You have to also enjoy it , don’t be focused on numbers. And lastly Pinterest and SEO should be icing on the cake as they can help your blog get noticed 🔑 .

Q. Do you spend more time reading blogs or watching instagram videos?

I definitely spend toooo much time watching IG videos 🤦🏽‍♀️. Before I know … 3hours have gone by. Lool I’m sure this doesn’t happen to just me now….does it?

Q. What do you do apart from blogging

Well I work with my mum.

Q. Word of motivation for thediadem blog?

Keep being you! Stay authentic and true to yourself! One day all your hard work will pay off so…stay strong and consistent! Gods got you!

Thank you funmilayo for sharing this.

Instagram page@__funmi

The Diadem’s blogvesary| Mystylemirror

Hello Lovelies!

Thediadem just clocked a year, and the journey has been worthwhile…….

Omg! I am super excited. Like I said in my previous post it feels like yesterday this all started to come together and I am just so grateful for the journey so far.

To celebrate the blogversary I teamed up with three of my colleagues (bloggers) to share their experiences with blogging and also leave words of encouragement for thediadem

This post should have come up before now, but all the same it’s still my blogvesary month.

With no much ado…….


Let’s hand over the platform to @mystylemirror

Hiiiiiiiiiii Chidinma!

Q. How would you like to describe yourself.

A. I’d describe myself as an easygoing person who is passionate about the media.

Q. Tell us about your blog bussiness ( your niche and what it represents).

A. I think you should read the about page of my blog. The answer is right there

Q. How old is your blog

A. My blog is 2years

Q. How did you get to know thediadem .

A. I got to know thediadem via Instagram

Q. Can you tell us when your blog turned one year and how it felt

A. Honestly, it felt so normal to me. Probably because at that time, I hadn’t defined what I wanted to do with my blog, I just shared everything that interests me. But then, it was something to be proud of, writing things that people read and engaged with.

Q. How is the blog going now

A. The blog is going pretty well, it’s not been easy staying consistent but whenever I get to publish a post, I ensure it is worthwhile and valuable.

Q. Share with us the highs and lows of blogging

A. My highs of blogging is creating visual contents exactly the way I had pictured it to be and seeing that people are interested in those contents. The lows is mostly finding shoot locations, getting harassed by security personnel when taking pictures at certain places, etc

Q. Do you spend more time reading blogs or watching instagram videos

A. I watch a lot of Instagram videos, they’re entertaining but I definitely prefer reading blogs, so much to learn from reading other blogs. My favorite is the bloggers etiquette by Lola.

Q. What do you do apart from blogging

A. Asides blogging, I work a 9-5 job

. Word of motivation for thediadem blog

A. Be consistent(don’t be like me please) LOL, create valuable contents and just keep sharing.

Thank you Chidinma @mystylemirror for sharing this .

Instagram page – @mystylemirror


Check through her blog


Good morning to all the diadem family from all over the world, i want to say a very big thank you to everyone for all the congratulatory messages, your sweet encouraging words, thank you all for being so amazing, May Almighty bless you in all your endeavors.

Whewww what’s that fashion style that is trending really so fast this year ” THE SNAKE PRINTS TREND”

It’s everywhere! On the runway, on the cover of magazines, on the high streets and on celebs! I am 100% in for the snake print movement. We have seen female celebrities rocking it effortlessly and how it looks on them , no doubt will make you wanna get yourself one.

Check out some snake print inspo on some of my favourite fashionistas below…

We’ll start of with Mihlalii! No one does snake print better!


I gotta give it to Mihlalii, she made me fall in love with snake prints, she wears the prints so well, from rocking a full snake print gown to just a normal top, y’all know she knows how to do it better.


Gorgeous right?! I’m obsessed with this different shades of snake prints which charity puts up . I love the fitting of the snake print top; they would work well with anything! The maxi skirt is everything! It’s impossible to not stand out in this! I love that she kept it fresh and simple with the hair and make up with this look.


Love it! Love it! Love it! Doesn’t neon snake print just brighten up your day? I like how playful this look is but sophisticated at the same time. The shades and the shoes; too cute!

Snake prints has so many colours, from red, green, wine,brown, white and so many more..


Nayonde of this thing called fashion rocked snake print gorgeously

But yes, having a snake print outfit in your closet is a must for every fashionistas.


Not only Does Being zeni rocked the snake prints so well, but she does the brownish colour so much justice! She looks amazing in it

whatever the colour of snake prints you have, do well by slaying it beautifully

For me,I think its a good look on everyone!

What do you think about this fashion trend? Would you love to rock it anytime soon? Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Wherever you are in this world, do have a lovely day.