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I will be talking to you about the must have apps I have on my phone, and they are the useful ones.

Most times we go to play store to download the common apps most especially the ones that have to do with games and picture editing app.

Today I will be telling you about the must have apps on my phone and these apps are downloaded for free.

The first app is the “HOME REMEDIES FOR YOU”

This app is very informative and helps in dealing with your minor health issues, you don’t have to rush to the pharmacy or clinic all the time, you can get the solution right in your home without any stress.

The second app is the “TUBEMATE”.

I don’t know but I love this app a lot, because I don’t have to watch videos on YouTube, I just search and download into my gallery through tubemate, very fast and easy.

The third app is “MY AFFIRMATION APP”

It really helps a lot in thinking positively, it is such an inspiring app, it grooms you and inspires a lot, check it out and you won’t be disapointed.

The fourth app is the “DOULINGO APP”

this app is really educative for those who are interested in learning different languages especially the foreign ones and its fun.

You won’t even get bored, this app has different stages, from the basics to the next stage.. U will surely enjoy using the doulingo app like I do.

And lastly is the “SNAPSEED APP”

For the ones who likes to edit pictures like me (lol), this is for you, I don’t. Know but I love snapseed a lot. The tool features are very okay, and has lots of amazing ways to edit ur pictures including the background. And the healing feature is out of here.

So guys this are my must have apps , have you downloaded any of this app before? If yes what’s your take on this apps. And if no hurry down to play store and download, you won’t be disappointed.

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Hello guys

I hope you are all enjoying ur day?

Today am going personal and im talking about ten things i cant live without.

Food- apparently everyone cant live without food, only if you wanna starve yourself to death, i dont joke with it because it serves as a source of strength for me.

Music- i love music alot, i really makes me feel so alive.

My family- they are amazing and wonderful people and they are always there for me .

4. A to do list- why i cant live without my A to do list/diary , it so important to me , i write everything i have to do in there, things i would do before the day ends is in my list, it makes me stay so organized.

5. Water- i love water alot, i drink water every hour of the day, i cant live without it.

6.My bible – i cant live without the word of God, it serves as a weapon for me when am in trouble.

7. My lipstick- i love my nude lippie alot,

8. life- i cant do without life, having life within me, been able to breathe in and breathe out is life itself.

9. My phone- my phone is one essential thing i cant do without, with this i am able to get in touch with my loved ones.

10. The diadem- hmmmm, sometimes the diadem is the only thing that gives me this vibe and energy, so i cant do without it.

Thanks for taking your time to read this.

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Hey lovelies,Listening to cheap thrills by sia featuring sean paul..Up on the blog , i will be sharing with you TIPS ON HOW TO BE INSPIRED.Inspiration means motivated, and when you are motivated, it goes a long way and you can and will be able to solve any problem on ur way.To be inspired, you need the following tips.1. MEDITATION- Meditating is a very good way to get inspired, take sometime out, sit, breathe in and breathe out, because our lives can sometimes leave us mentally unstable and it can really get difficult to inspire, taking a time out will give your brain a chance to refresh and think right.2. Follow people who inspires you a lot on ypur different social media platform, we all have our different role models who will look up to and check up on their updates , this will certainly get you inspired.3. Music- Music they say is the food to the soul, try to listen to a new music different from what you have on your playlist, this will also be of help and it will drive your mind to being inspired.4. Change your environment- a new environment can give you that inspiration you want, looking at new things , travelling to new places you have never been to can get you inspired.5. Nature- take your time out and appreciate the beauty of nature, you could go out on a tour and have fun.6. Penning down ideas- its good to have a book with you to write down any ideas that comes to your dear mind , so as to be of use whenever the need arises.7.Time- give yourself time , it might be a day or two, its cool to go out and explore.8. An interesting movie- a great movie can be of help and get you inspired immediately.9.Google search about inspiring quotes, write them out and keep in your journal/diary, read them whenever you need to refresh10.,seeking the wisdom of others can be a great way of being inspired, ask people you like a lot about their greatest lesson, their strength, their weakness, what keeps them going and what they have learnt in life, you might just get one or two tips on how to be inspired.Sometimes to be inspired, one has to start, inspiration comes from doing.I hope you enjoyed reading this., make sure to comment and share.See u in my next updates.Leave a comment


A lot of people have been battling with pimples, especially ladies, and we tend to feel so uncomformtable and less attractive wearing them. pimples are a normal skin condition that affect a lots of people

That is why i’m here to give you three effective home remedies to get rid of pimples.

1. Toothpaste- funny how toothpaste can get rid of pimples quickly, apply a paste on the affected area before you sleep at night, then wash your face with a luke warm water when you wake up in the morning, you will see significant improvement… Note use the white paste, dont use the gel type.

2. Lemon- Another effective home remedy for treating pimples is lemon, lemon juice is rich in vitamin c which helps pimples dry up faster, make sure to use fresh lemon juice and not bottles juice which have been preserved, Dip a clean cotton in a fresh lemon juice and apply to the affectecd area, after 15 to 20 minutes , wash off with a lukewarm water, this remedy is not suitable for sensitive skin, if you feel itchiness after applying the lemon juice on ur face, please wash off immediately.

3. Honey and aloveragel- pure honey and aloveragel can be made into a paste and apply on the affected area, leave for as long as you want, then wash off with luke warm water.

I hope this works for you perfectly, send me a feedback on my comment sections here.



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